Futures Thinking

"A skill that allows people to better understand the role of the future in what they do" (UNESCO)

Fundamentals of Scenario Planning

Do you want your team to get a taste for doing futures thinking in a structured process?

This course will provide participants with the insight required to determine if future risk-driven scenario planning is something their organisation should pursue.

Risk-driven scenario planning uses structured processes and is informed by exploring consequences and also the associated opportunities of situations in future time horizons.

During the course you will develop a plausible future risk-driven scenario with your fellow course participants and assess the scenario planning maturity of your organisation.

This 3-hour virtual course is size-limited to maximise interactions with the teaching team.

More information: Visit our course dates to access further details.

Stretch Thinking Loops Workshop

This workshop is for people in organisations that need to develop competency in futures thinking for a given project. It is also suitable for those that would like to broaden their knowledge of strategic foresight.

It applies the rigorous Stretch Thinking Loops technique that embeds the latest understanding of strategic foresight, decision-making, team performance, critical thinking and creativity.  

Our Stretch Thinking Loops workshops are conducted with your team at your premises, reducing travel costs, and develops scenarios specific to your organisation's unique requirements.

The workshop applies a blended delivery with 90-minutes of self-paced online learning followed by a 2-day interactive face to face learning experience.

The course is size is a minimum of 7 and maximum of 14 people to ensure time for the greatest interaction with the teaching team and reflection.

More information: Pleaser contact us if you would like more information about this workshop.

Scenario Based Strategising for Executive Teams

Our scenario-based strategising workshop prepares your organisation for an uncertain future by identifying the driving forces most likely to impact your organisation.

Together with selected strategic risks, they are translated into a set of first-generation scenarios that can be prioritised for BAU or a crisis context. 

Is your executive team ready to move beyond issue-based strategy development, that assumes incremental change, towards a more flexible and agile approach?

This 3 to 4 hours in person workshop will support your executive team to use the latest megatrends, so they can identify, contextualise, and prioritise driving forces for your organisation and translate these into a series of scenario-based strategies.

More information: Please contact us for additional information.

Pandora Cell

Imagine a forward facing team that looks beyond the current horizon, a team with the capability to build strategy, solve problems, and develop innovations all through the deployment of one structured technique.

A Pandora Cell has the ability to be deployed across a range of business as usual and disruption contexts that are informed by driving forces and strategic risks.

Once competent, a Pandora Cell acts as the futures thinking engine of the organisation, being guided by the executive, and producing outputs for other leaders in the business to engage with.

This 10-month program includes Human Synergistics© psychometric inventories, a baseline assessment of the team's critical thinking and creativity skills, ongoing training on innovative foresight techniques.

The Pandora Cell program includes a combination of in-person sessions conducted at your organisation's premises and real-time virtual coaching.

More information: Please contact us for further information.

Strategic Foresight Facilitation

If you require something more bespoke, or want the support of experts, Stretch Think can also facilitate a futures thinking session specifically for your team.  

Collaborating either virtually or face-to-face, we will work with your team to uplift their strategic foresight capability.

Our innovative techniques will empower your team to think critically about possible futures and unleash their creativity to identify opportunities that can drive innovation.

Depending on your time constraints, we can facilitate a session for your team in only a few hours, a few days or with sessions over several months.

We have experience with organisations large and small, from both the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

More information: Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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