Exercise Management

Enhance your current approach towards exercise design, facilitation and evaluation

As professional educators we use contemporary teaching practices to enhance the capability of those participating in your exercise

Exercise Design

Our innovative approach to exercise design offers a toolkit that distinguishes between Testing, Training and Experimental exercises.

These three types of exercises can be applied to discussion or functional exercises.

This variation of exercising offers characteristics that can be considered by exercise developers and assist in designing context specific exercises in a goal and evaluation orientated manner.

Exercise Facilitation

When we facilitate your exercise, we use our educational and research expertise to facilitate the testing of your plans and processes.

We use real-time coaching techniques to enhance human capabilities during the exercise.

We can also use continuous improvement processes so you can experiment with new and innovative organisational approaches that can be trialed during the exercise.

Exercise Evaluation

As professional researchers, we can offer the latest qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies to provide the rigour for your exercise evaluation.

Our exercise evaluation methods allows you to benchmark your organisation's future performance.

We can use off the shelf evaluation tools such as our decision making survey or develop bespoke evaluation tools aligned to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Some key considerations are:

  • Would you like to conduct a discussion exercise or a functional exercise?
  • What is the goal of your exercise, would you like to train, test, or experiment?
  • Who would you like to exercise, your operations teams, line managers, executive management, the board, external stakeholders, a mix of these?

At Stretch Think we can conduct any combination of the above, including any requirements to meet any regulatory obligations, depending upon the exercise maturity of your organisation.

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