About Stretch Think

Stretch Think grew out of an industry need for teams to look beyond the present and consider multiple futures

We don’t just use the latest foresight research, we actually conduct the research with industry to verify and produce techniques that will add value to your organisation

Our foresight techniques have had real-world application in Australia been deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic with government's and organisations

So, who are we...

Associate Professor Steve Curnin

Associate Professor Steve Curnin


BMedSci (Hons), GradCertRes, MEmergMgt, PhD.

Steve draws upon his industry experience in crisis and emergency management, and his academic knowledge of strategic decision-making and futures studies, to enhance the human capabilities of those responsible for building resilient organisations.

He achieves this by translating theoretical concepts into tangible outputs for practitioners and working with clients to contextualise, and then embed tools into operational doctrine, and strategic planning.

Steve’s research contributes to the theory of collaboration, trust, and futures thinking.

Steve is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania where he is also a Director of the Disaster Resilience Research Group.

Prior to commencing a career in academia, Steve worked in emergency and crisis management roles with Australian Government Departments, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Australian State Government Departments, the critical infrastructure sector, and not-for-profit organisations.

Steve continues to combine his academic and practical capabilities on national advisory groups promoting organisational resilience.

Associate Professor Ben Brooks

Associate Professor Ben Brooks


BSc, BBehavSc (Hons), GradCertComp SystProcesses, PhD.

Ben uses his knowledge of psychology, anthropology, and management science to assist organisations to manage human performance and build human capability, usually in work contexts where risks are extreme and reliability must be maintained.

He does this through the design of training approaches, technology, policies and procedures and data analytics.

Ben makes theoretical contributions in areas such as human decision-making, cognition, and organisational culture.

Ben is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania where he is also a Director of the Disaster Resilience Research Group.

Before joining the university he was a Project Director for Occupational Health and Safety in the Human Factors Group – a part of Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia.

Ben has held professional safety management positions in state government, was  a consultant occupational hygienist for a decade and continues to provide consulting services in cultural change through the organisations niwaki.global and SafetyCircle.

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