Fundamentals of Scenario Planning - Virtual

This course is run in partnership with the Risk Management Institute of Australasia.

This course will provide participants with an overview of contemporary scenario planning techniques and how they can be used to manage emerging risk

We call this approach to scenario planning ‘future risk-driven’ because it uses structured processes to explore consequences and the associated opportunities of situations in future time horizons.

Steve and Ben have packed this course with insights from over decade of research and even more practical experience in strategic foresight.

You will gain an understanding how scenario planning, and more broadly, strategic foresight, can be used to manage emerging risk as per ISO 31050 - Guidance for managing emerging risks to enhance resilience

The course is fully online over 3-hours and is size-limited to maximize interactions with the teaching team.

So, what is involved in our Fundamentals of Scenario Planning course?

  • You will gain an understanding the fundamentals and application of how scenario planning can be used to manage emerging risk;
  • You will learn how scenario planning can be integrated into professional practice;
  • During the course you will apply the Stretch Think Loops technique to develop a plausible scenario with your fellow course participants;
  • You will diagnose the maturity of scenario planning in your organisation and Identify treatment options to enhance the maturity level.

Upon completion, you will leave with an understanding of how scenario planning can be used to enhance your current practices for manage emerging risks.

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