Warming up for creativity

August 12, 2023

Supporting creativity

A core element of scenario planning is the ability to imagine plausible futures. This requires creativity. But most adults can’t just hit a switch and suddenly become creative!

Just as an elite sports person warms up for their chosen sport, we also must warm up or brains for creative thinking.

At Stretch Think one way we do this using a technique called LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

In 1996, the owner and CEO of the LEGO Group, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, tasked personnel to develop a process that supported a more creative, imaginative strategy process.

The result was LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® that is a process designed to prompt dialogue and encourage reflection, as well as develop problem-solving skills and use of imagination.

In our courses, we warm up for creativity by using the four steps below and begin by posing a key question connected to the purpose of the scenario planning exercise.

If you would like to learn more about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we would highly recommend the courses offered by Michael Fearne at Pivotal Play.

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